Apollo 11 Space Lates and Sleepover

20 July 2019

To celebrate the 50th anniversary of humankind landing on the moon the National Space Centre is hosting an exciting Space Lates, with an additional optional sleepover package.


Book now for this fantastic event!

mascot Telescope Right
Apollo 11 footprint on the Moon. Credit: NASA

How would you like to spend the night in the galleries, have exclusive access to the Centre after hours and take part in special lunar mission workshops?

With lots of activities, workshops, talks, breakfast and, of course, a most unusual place to sleep, we hope you will join us for this special evening beneath the stars, with no chance of rain.

• Space Lates ONLY (18:00-21:30) £15
• Space Lates and Sleepover – Adults £40
• Space Lates and Sleepover – Children £30 (children must be 6+)

We will be selling jacket potatoes, nachos, hot dogs, sandwiches and snacks in our Boosters Café until 21:00.

Image credit: NASA

Join us for drop in sessions throughout the evening (18:00 – 21:00):

Pop up Science

Smell the Moon, See the 60s
Time travel back to the 1960s in our science lab and experience our smells of space!

Up Close and Personal – Moon Rocks
Thanks to the team at STFC you can see a real piece of the Moon up close as we explore our rocks from space under a microscope.

Astronaut Ice Cream
Come and test our liquid nitrogen ice cream.

Welcome to the 60s

DIY 1960s Coaster
Join us for some marble painting and take home your very own Apollo vinyl coaster.

Silent Disco
Immerse yourself in the best hits of the 1960s in our silent disco.

Fashion Show
It’s 1969, so dress to impress… there will be prizes for the best dressed and use of imagination.

LIVE Science and NEW Experiences

Race to the Moon
Come and hear about the triumphs and challenges of landing on the Moon in 1969. In our explosive show we will look at the team behind the Apollo programme, the astronauts who took the first steps, and the rocket that got us there.

Britain’s Space Race
A brand-new exhibition for you to enjoy.

Apollo Astronaut Encounter
Say hello to our very own Apollo astronaut who is kitted out for a walk on the Moon. Professional spacesuit maker Stephen Wisdom will be modelling his high-fidelity Apollo A7L suit around the galleries

Credit: NASA

Expert Talks

The Story of Apollo in 4 Artefacts
Hear the story of the Moon landings as brought to life by a small collection of Apollo artefacts, some of which have made the 240,000 mile journey to the Moon and back! Collector Mark Yates will introduce these items and the fascinating behind-the-scenes stories they have to tell. 30 min talk followed by 15 minutes Q&A and artefact display.

Mark Yates is an Apollo artefact collector and industrial physicist. He’s has a life-long passion for space exploration and the Moon landings.

18:30-19:15 – Shuttle Suites

Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11. Credit: NASA

Making a Suit for the Moon
Working on the Moon requires a very special spacesuit, robust enough to withstand lack of pressure, abrasive soil, and extreme surface temperatures for hours at a time. But NASA wasn’t the first to dream up the concept of a Moon suit. Find out how British engineers from the British Interplanetary Society developed the first feasible study of a Moon suit, and inspired the making of the Apollo A7L suit.

Stephen Wisdom is a professional spacesuit maker who has created a full-scale model of the BIS Moon suit for the very first time, as well as a high-fidelity replica of the Apollo A7L suit. See models of both suits on display throughout the evening.

19:30-20:00 – Shuttle Suites

Hubble's Sharpest View Of Mars - Credit: NASA

From the Moon to Mars: The Next Giant Leap
Fifty years ago, we dared to land humans on the Moon. Now in 2019 we are getting ready for long-term lunar exploration and setting our sights on Mars. Join NASA Ambassador Jason-Flor Sisante as he discusses the ambitions and challenges of humanity’s next giant leap in space exploration.

Dr Jason-Flor Sisante is a clinical scientist and NASA-Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) Solar System Ambassador.

20:30-21:00 – Shuttle Suites

As Live Landing
We will be live streaming the original footage of Apollo 11 landing on the Moon and that milestone moment in history… one small step!

21:00 – 21:30 – Tim Peake Stage

CapCom Go!
Take a seat in the UK’s largest planetarium to see our brand-new show celebrating the Apollo space programme.

19:15, 20:00 (21:45 sleepover guests) – Sir Patrick Moore Planetarium

The best-selling children’s book of 1969 was The Very Hungry Caterpillar, so time to celebrate, munch, pupate and fly before bedtime.

22:45 (sleepover ticket holders only) – TBC

Throughout the Night
(sleepover ticket holders only)

At 11:00 we will turn the exhibition off and open the galleries for you to pick your sleeping space for the night.

Game Café
If you want to stay awake until Neil steps out onto the lunar surface, join us for table top gaming in Boosters. We will have coffee, tea and water to keep us going.

One Giant Leap
At 03:45 we will be opening the Planetarium for any of our sleepover guests who want to watch the as live footage of the first footstep on the Moon.

Enjoy a buffet breakfast under our giant rockets. When booking let us know if you have any dietary requirements.

Terms & Conditions:

What are the maximum group sizes?
Due to the nature of the event, we ask that no single group is over 6 people. Obviously, friends and family may book the event as well, but to ensure we can accommodate people together, one party of 6 is the maximum per booking. The number of adults required for each group of children are as follows:
for up to two children one adult is required
for three to four children two adults are required

Can I add people to my group?
No, once you have made a booking it cannot be changed or altered. This is to allow us to plan the event in advance and ensure the infrastructure is in place to cater for all parties.

What ages of children are allowed?
Children must be accompanied by a parent or guardian at all times. Child tickets can only be purchased with an adult and a child ticket is available for those aged 6-16.

Why is there a minimum age?
The event’s activities are designed for children over 6. Children below this age might not enjoy the event as intended. We also must ensure that everyone enjoys the event equally, so it is for everyone’s benefit that we ask visitors to keep to this age range. Please do not purchase tickets for children outside of this age range as we may be unable to allow entry to the event.

How many adults do we need?
Please see the section above on the minimum number of adults required for each group. Adults will sleep in the same gallery as the children in their group. Accompanying adults must be at least 18 years old. One adult in each group will also be asked for their mobile phone number so we can contact them on the night if required. Sleeping areas will be divided into “families with children” and “adult only” areas.

When and where do we need to arrive?
Check in is from 17:15 and will run until 18:00. We ask that you do not arrive outside of these times, as we will need to complete this process for all participants at this time. Please come to the main entrance for check in, you will need to bring your confirmation (either printed out, or on a mobile device).

What do we have to bring?
Please bring a sleeping bag, sleeping mat, a pillow and some clothes to sleep in. Please keep luggage to a minimum.
Overnight clothes must be suitable and warm enough for standing outside in the unlikely event of an evacuation.
Shoes must be worn at all times in the Centre for health and safety reasons, apart from when you are sleeping.
Lighting will be on a low level throughout the night, but a torch may be a good addition to your overnight kit.
For health and safety reasons we cannot allow any inflatable mats, mattresses, cots or camping beds.
We strongly recommend that you do not bring things with you that are of financial or sentimental value. The Centre takes no responsibility for loss of or damage to any items belonging to visitors.

Is there a cloakroom I can use?
There is no cloakroom available during the event however, we will allow you to drop off your sleepover items upon arrival. These will be kept in a room which will be locked between 18:00 and 22:00, therefore there will be no access to your belongings between those times. You will be able to collect your items to get ready for bed from 22:00. Any belongings that will be needed throughout the evening should be kept with you at all times.

Can I choose where I sleep?
When you book to participate in this sleepover event, you will be allocated a sleeping area. Sleeping areas will be divided into “families with children” and “adult only” areas. Please be aware that no sleeping bags or structures will be provided, please remember to bring along sleeping bags and sleeping mats as required.

Do we need to bring food?
Breakfast is included in the ticket price and there will be a café on the night to purchase food (until 21:00). If you have special dietary requirements, please tell us on booking and we will send you alternative menu options.

Can I drink alcohol at the event?
No, as this is a family event, we shall not be selling alcohol. We also ask that you do not bring your own alcohol into the Centre and anybody considered to be acting irresponsibly may be asked to leave the event.

Can I smoke at the event?
There will be a smoking area just outside the entrance doors. After 23:00 the doors to the Centre will be locked for your safety, so smoking will not be permitted after this time.

Can I bring candles to this event?
No candles are allowed.

What if one of my group falls ill?
We have first aiders available on site.

What if I need to cancel?
We do not offer refunds for cancelled bookings.

Can I leave my bags at the Centre in the morning after the sleepover?
No, we do not have a cloakroom facility. We suggest all bedding and luggage is stored in your vehicle after the event.

Where do we change into our sleeping clothes?
The main toilet areas will be available for use. We will also add water stations for cleaning of teeth.

Where are the sleeping areas?
We have allocated two areas in the main galleries, where the lights will be turned out at 23:00. The galleries will be designated “families with children” or “adults only”.

What are the sleeping arrangements for boys and girls?
Sleeping will be mixed – visitors of all genders within each group will sleep in the same area.
Event staff are on hand throughout the night to ensure everyone’s safety and comfort. CCTV is in operation throughout the Centre.

Can I bring a child who has special needs?
Yes. Please be aware it is your responsibility to ensure that any person with special needs is capable of getting the most from the events and is able to cope in an environment with a large number of other people. We will do all we can to ensure their needs are met wherever possible. If anyone in your group has special needs, accessibility or health issues please let us know on booking.

What if I have to leave early in the morning?
The Centre exits are closed between 23:00 and 08:00 and it is not possible to leave within these times except in an emergency. We do not advise leaving early (as you will miss some of the fun), but if you wish to leave between 07:00 and 09:00 in the morning please let us know when booking and we will do our best to accommodate this.

Can I take photos?
You are welcome to take photographs but please be considerate of the other guests.

Do you have shower facilities?
Sadly, we do not have shower facilities. All guests can use the toilets for their ablutions.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?
If you have more questions about the event, contact the marketing team – marketing@spacecentre.co.uk

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