Asteroid Week

29 June 2020 - 05 July 2020

Our doors may be closed, but the mission continues online!

Image Credit: NASA

This week is the anniversary of the Tunguska Event over Siberia. This explosion of a meteoroid is the largest impact event on Earth in recorded history.

Learn about their role in the formation of our solar system, how we can use their resources, how asteroids can pave the way for future exploration and finally how we can protect our planet from asteroid impacts.

The week will culminate in our very first online Asteroid Day LIVE – click here to find out more.


Throughout the week we will be sharing:

· Space Crafts – our craft videos will show you how to make space themed creative projects at home

· Sophie Science – Sophie from our National Space Academy will share some great “DO try this at home” science projects and facts.

· Claire Explains – Claire makes amazing video lessons to help you fully understand this weeks topic (she also occasionally raps!)

· Tour of the Night Sky – Hayley will show you what you can see using the naked eye in the night sky over the UK this week.

· On this Day – find out what happened on this day in history that impacted the world thanks to space missions, science and astronomy.

· In addition, we have weekly downloadable colouring in fact pages, fun fact collectable card sets and lots more.

Event FAQs…

Event Location
On the National Space Centre’s Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and Twitter Pages

How do I Join?
Just check out the pages each day for new videos, lessons, craft sessions and competitions. We post every day.

Who is this for?
Anybody! If you are home schooling or looking for ideas to keep children engaged with science this should be a great resource. If you are interested in space and science, this is great way to find out more. If you are a school providing content for in-school or at-home learners, please feel free to use and share as you see fit.

Other Important Information
Do not follow third party links to any of our content. We do NOT charge for any of our live events or any other content we provide.