14 - 15 March 2020

A weekend dedicated to LEGO©, the iconic colourful plastic brick.

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Imagine one of the largest displays of LEGO ever created in the UK. Now you don’t have to imagine it, as the National Space Centre joins forces with the Brickish Association to create a weekend dedicated to the iconic colourful plastic brick.

Now in its tenth year, the weekend will see the whole building filled with huge LEGO creations, rare kits, planes, trains and automobiles.

  • In ten years of hosting the Brickish Weekend we have displayed over 700 huge brick-built creations thanks to the Brickish Association.
  • In ten years of hosting the Brickish Weekend we anticipate we have displayed over 5 million bricks.
  • In ten years of hosting the Brickish Weekend, we have used over 500 tables to display the amazing exhibitions, that is 7,200ft of exhibition tables!

Brickish Association

The event is all thanks to the Brickish Association, a UK-based community of LEGO Fans who work with LEGO to build some of the most amazing structures from the iconic bricks.


Visitors will be invited to help build a giant LEGO mosaic and smaller visitors, or even the big ones who just love LEGO, can sit down at the building tables and just get creative.

LEGO is the trademark of the LEGO Group. The Brickish Weekend is hosted by the National Space Centre and run by the Brickish Association. This is not a LEGO run event

This is a PREMIUM EVENT – Annual Passes and vouchers are NOT valid on
this event.