Destination Space – Telescopes

17 October 2020 - 01 November 2020

See the Universe in a different way.

In 2021 we will see the launch of the James Webb Space Telescope, which will search for the first galaxies that formed in the early universe and peer through dusty clouds to see stars forming planetary systems.

Come along to the National Space Centre to discover what you can see in the night sky and how James Webb could change our understanding of the most distant events and objects in the universe, such as the formation of the first galaxies.

This October half term holiday the National Space Centre will be open, but with a significantly reduced number of tickets available each day (booking in advance is ESSENTIAL, including Annual Pass holders).

Talks and Activities

Space Through a Lens

What are space telescopes actually looking at and what can they see? Discover the past, present and future of how we see the Universe and discover why the James Webb telescope will change the way we see our place in space.

11:30, 12:30, 14:00 and 15:00

Planet Hunting

Join members of our Discovery team to learn how do we find planets in other solar systems.

(pop up science busking in the main galleries)

Throughout the day

How a Telescope Works

See how telescopes work, ask questions and see if astronomy is for you.

(Pop up science busking on the third floor of the Rocket Tower)

Download and make your very own constellation viewer here.

Throughout the day

Planetarium Show

When you buy a ticket to the National Space Centre you will also be able to see one of our award-winning planetarium shows at no extra cost.

If you are visiting with an Annual Pass, you can buy a show for £3 per person (subject to availability) when booking in advance (essential for all Annual Pass visits).

We Are Astronomers

Do you know what an astronomer does? Today’s astronomer is not the lone observer of past centuries.

We Are Astronomers reveals the global collaboration, technology and dedication required to answer the unresolved questions of the Universe.

We Are Astronomers, narrated by David Tennant, is an exciting 360° fulldome digital planetarium show with input from UK astronomers.

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