Earth From Space

10 July 2021 - 05 September 2021

This summer see your home planet in a whole new light.


Join the National Space Centre’s Discovery team for a summer of Earth observation.

Take a seat to find out more about satellites, follow the trail to see amazing artefacts and enjoy our science busking sessions.

To ensure the safety of visitors and staff day tickets are significantly reduced.

Booking in advance is ESSENTIAL (including Annual Pass holders).

What's On

Looking Back

Join the Discovery team to find out what we can see when we look back at Earth from space. An important part of space exploration is understanding more about our home planet. In this interactive talk find out more about Earth observation satellites, see live demonstrations of some of the instruments they use, and find out what that can tell us about our own extraordinary planet.

11:00, 12:00 and 14:00

Looking Up

See some of the amazing artefacts we have displayed above your head and some of the satellite examples in our galleries. Pick up a trail from the ticketing desk and make sure you don’t miss anything.

Looking at Satellites

What do we know about our planet from satellites? Find out how satellites work, take a look at our own “mini sat” and see if you can work out what our satellite images tell us?

The Earth photographed from Apollo 11. Credit: NASA


Looking at Climate Change

Join us for up close demonstrations to help understand the scientific realities of climate change and find out what we can all do to help our planet Earth.



Planetarium Show

Included in your first visit is an award-winning planetarium show.

Annual Pass holders may be able to purchase a show on the day, but this is subject to availability, as we have significantly reduced capacity in the theatre.


The exploration of Space is the greatest endeavour that humankind has ever undertaken. What does it take to be part of this incredible journey? What does it take to become an astronaut?

Experience a rocket launch from inside the body of an astronaut. Explore the amazing worlds of inner and outer Space, from floating around the International Space Station to manoeuvring through microscopic regions of the human body.