Return of the Garrison

04 - 05 July 2020

The Saga Continues

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On 20 May 1980 The Empire Strikes Back opened in the UK, becoming the highest-grossing film of 1980. It is often voted as the number one Star Wars movie of all time by fans and many regard it as a rare example of a sequel that transcends the original.

Over the past 15 years, the Centre, along with the 501st UK Garrison, Rebel Legion, Galactic Academy, Mandalorian Mercs, R2 Builders Club, Isle of Wight Prop Crew, Silver Sabres and special guests, has raised money for important charities.


501st UK Garrison

The United Kingdom Garrison (UKG) of the 501st Legion is the only official Star Wars costuming group in the UK.

It is part of the ever growing 501st Legion, which itself is the largest costuming group the world has ever seen, whether Star Wars related or not. The UK Garrison, as with all other 501st Legion garrisons and outposts around the world, is entirely made up from volunteers and is a wholly not-for-profit organisation, with 100% of all money raised being divided amongst the various charities that the UKG supports.

Rebel Legion

Rebel Legion UK is the sole preferred Rebel costume club of Lucasfilm Ltd in the UK.

It is part of an independent international Rebel Star Wars costuming club and not part of any other costume club. It’s a home from home for Star Wars fans, celebrating the saga of the movies using costumes and props of the hero or ‘good guy’ characters. The Rebel Legion’s aims are to support its members by promoting the improvement of the costumes they wear and the props they use to compliment those costumes.

Galactic Academy

For many years, since the release of A New Hope, costumers the world over have embraced the many and varied characters from the Star Wars saga. For the most part this has been a pastime for the adult generation, a way for them to express their love of the movies and their passion for costuming.

The Galactic Academy changes all that, allowing the next generation of Star Wars fans to show the same passion and enthusiasm. It is the first online costuming club to celebrate young Star Wars fans, run exclusively for them…finally, the Star Wars costumers of tomorrow have their own home!

Mandalorian Mercs

Founded in 2007 the Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club (MMCC) has quickly grown to be one of the largest global Star Wars™ fan organizations. The Mandalorian Mercs, in true homage to the characters they portray, have changed and adapted over the years to support the growing amounts of people interested in Mandalorian costuming. In 2011 Mandalorian Mercs was recognized by LucasFilm LTD. as the “Elite Mandalorian Costuming Organization.” In 2014 Mandalorian Mercs Costume Club became a registered 501(c)(4) non-profit, and expanded the mission of its charity fund “Little Warrior International” to continue bringing hope to underprivileged children and families in need around the world.

R2 Builders Club

The UK R2D2 Builders club is part of the worldwide R2 Builders Club, who are recognised by LFL/Disney as the Droids you really are looking for. The group has droid builders throughout the UK who support events and each other in the creation of screen accurate and unique droids inspired by the Star Wars franchise. Each year the group raise thousands for charity, this year helping The National Autistic Society. Their membership includes people who design, build, develop and drive droids for LFL/Disney.


Isle of Wight Prop Crew

In the heart of our exhibition will be an amazing fan build prop display of full-size vehicles and sets inspired by the Star Wars universe.

Silver Sabres

LED Sabre is an exciting new combat sport, combining traditional martial arts with theatre. It is a unique experience, for children and adults, teaching discipline and mindfulness through physical exercise, sparring and games. Inspired by popular science fiction, Silver Sabres offer a programme that is popular with actors and dancers, athletes and martial artists, and most importantly, fans of films, books and comics!

Hyperspace Hypermarket

Drop in to our Star Wars market to take home some fantastic merchandise and memorabilia


Make sure you join us for the highlight of the day, our Final Parade. This is an opportunity to see all the characters from your favourite films for one final time, including a group photo opportunity at the end of the day.

Talks, Workshops and Craft Sessions

Throughout the weekend there will be a full programme of talks, workshops and craft sessions for the whole family to enjoy.


Little People UK

We are proud to be working with Warwick Davis to support Little People UK (Charity number – 1151829) through this event.

Little People UK was co-founded in January 2012 by actor Warwick Davis, his wife Samantha and a group of individuals with the same goal; to offer friendship and support to people with dwarfism, their families and friends, and help build a positive future for those individuals.