26 May 2022

Discover fun Space Crafts and downloadable resources.

How to Make a Rainbow in a Box

Sophie from the National Space Academy shows you how to create your own spectroscope so that you can make a rainbow in a box. Download the free Spectroscope template below:

Download Spectroscope

How to Make a Constellation Jar

Claire shows you how to make a light-up Constellation Jar. You’ll need: A jar, tin foil, scissors and a light source. Download the free constellation template below:

Download Constellations

Phases of the Moon

Discover the phases of the Moon with Katie. Download the free resources below:

Download Moon Spinner
Download Individual Moons

How to Build and Launch Your Own Rocket

We show you how to build and launch your own rocket at home using sellotape, scissors, a tube, paper and colouring pens.

Download Saturn V Template
Download Soyuz Template

Astronaut Training At Home

We show you how to build and launch your own rocket at home using sellotape, scissors, a tube, paper and colouring pens.

Download Number Memory Test
Download Stroop Test

More Downloadable Content

Collectable Cards

A set of FREE downloadable cards were produced for #FemaleFirsts #WomenInSpace and #SpaceFirstsWeek.

The full collection can be found below, including a brand-new card that was created thanks to the suggestion on Facebook.

Download Women in Space 1 – 3
Download Women in Space 4 – 5
Download Space Firsts
Download Chosen by You

Colouring Pages

Get those colouring pencils ready!

Download all the colouring pages below.

Download Colouring Pages

Download Mars Rover Colouring Pages

Comets & Rockets Game

Download the Comets and Rockets board game to play at home.

Download Comets and Rockets (Colour)

Download Comets and Rockets (B&W)

Create Your Own Exoplanet

Have you ever wondered what your dream planet would be like?

Create your own exoplanet using stencils and your favourite paint colours.

Will it be a rocky world, a gas giant, an ocean world, or a combination of all three?

Download the craft sheet

Mission: Relaunch

To celebrate the reopening of the National Space Centre we’ve created our very own board game for you to play. Do you know your Space Centres from your Space Stations?

Download Board Game
Download Questions, Answers and Instructions

H is for Handshake

Print out your own 3D ‘H’ to celebrate the historic handshake that took place between Astronaut Thomas P. Stafford and Cosmonaut Aleksei A. Leonov, which ended the “space race”.

Download Colour Version
Download Black and White Version

How to Make Moon Bunting

See the below link for a Moon bunting template and instructions.

Download Moon Bunting Template

Chris Hadfield Mask

See the below link for a Chris Hadfield mask template:

Download Chris Hadfield Mask

ISS Template for Space Crafts Mobile

See the below link for a ISS template for the Space Crafts Mobile video

Download ISS Template

Satellite Spinner

See the below link for a Satellite Spinner template and instructions.

Satellite Spinner Template

Sputnik Headband

See the below link for a Sputnik Headband template and instructions.

Sputnik Headband Template

Comic Day Template

See the link below for the Comic Book Day Template

Comic Day Template