Space Firsts Week

25 - 31 May 2020

Our doors may be closed, but the mission continues online!

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This week we may see the very first launch of a crew on a commercial spacecraft to the International Space Station.

Discover the other firsts in the history of space science and exploration, as well as the possible firsts many nations on the planet are working towards in the next decade.


Free Comets and Rockets Game

Make sure you collect them all! #SpaceFirsts

Download our brand new Space Race board game: #CometsAndRockets. Play at home and share your pictures on social media with us.


Each player puts their counter on the space that says ‘Start of the Space Race’.
Take it in turns to roll the dice. Move your counter forward the number of spaces shown on the dice.
If you land on a rocket launch: Move your piece up towards the rocket.
If you land on a comet: Move your piece down towards the comet.
The first player to get to the end of the Space Race wins.

Download Comets and Rockets – Colour Version

Download Comets and Rockets – Black and White Version

Have fun!