Space Ranger Summer

09 July 2022 - 04 September 2022

This Summer join our Mission Commanders for a journey beyond infinity.

Jump aboard our brand-new Earth orbit cruise from the Tetrastar Spaceport and experience a launch into a summer of fun thanks to our friends at Disney and Pixar.

Our teams will be hosting very special interactive activities including VR experiences, hands on crafts, space ranger training and movie making opportunities inspired by our favourite Space Ranger, Buzz Lightyear.

The definitive origin story of Lightyear hit our cinemas last month and we are still buzzing, so have dedicated our whole summer to celebrating the Star Command team, including a robotic cat called Sox.

PLEASE NOTE – there will be different talks and craft activities on 18 July and 14 August (Space Ranger Summer will not be running) for our James Webb Telescope First Images Revealed day, and our UK In Space Festival.  


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Exoplanet Explorer

Grab a VR headset to take a virtual tour of some of the exoplanets in our Universe (maybe one a Space Ranger would visit!)

Lightyear LEGO Mini Movie

Take a seat as you direct your very own stop motion Lightyear mini movie, using characters from the film.  A choice of backgrounds of the lightyear worlds to be used as a backdrop to the film.

Light year constellations

Using well known constellations, understand the term light year and the vast distances in space. Create your own constellation lightyear scale model (it even glows in the dark!)

Space Ranger Trail

Grab your trail upon arrival and see if you can find all the space artefacts in our collection that could help a Space Ranger on their space mission.

Space Ranger Training Activity

Join our discovery team to train as a Space Ranger. Test out your coordination, reaction times and brain power in our astronaut training activities.

Planetarium Show

Now Showing: We Are Guardians

Take a seat in the UKs largest Planetarium to see our brand new immersive fulldome show.

The world, its peoples and environments are connected and interdependent. From the smallest bacteria to the largest ocean whale; there exists a link between all things. In a world out of balance, We Are Guardians looks at how ecosystems are intrinsically connected and with the increasing use of Satellite Monitoring, examines the links between human activities and climate change.

If you are visiting with an Annual Pass, you can buy a show for £3 per person (subject to availability) upon arrival at the Centre. Terms and conditions apply. See Annual Pass for full details.