Steampunks in Space

20 - 21 November 2021

A celebration of steam-powered science fiction.

A weekend dedicated to the “history that never was”. Time to get out your ray guns, strap on your goggles and jump in your spaceship. Head to the National Space Centre for an alternative weekend where we mark the 155th birthday of the grandfather of science fiction, HG Wells.

Booking in advance is essential.
We have a set capacity for this event, which we anticipate will SELL OUT. Please make sure you book in advance (including Annual Pass holders)


— This Year’s Highlights —


Head to the Shuttle Suites Exhibition Hall to see Herr Döktor, Doctor Geof, The Dark Power, Gary Nicholls Imaginarium, Mostly CG, Chris Osborne and Major Tinker.

Live Performances

We will have a full daily schedule on our LIVE Space stage, that will include performances by Victor Ghastly (Saturday), Alice Strange (Sunday) and  Rayguns in Aspic Radio Play.


Head to The POD to enjoy a fully curated Steampunk market, including Brass Magpie Designs, Verne Industries, Major Q’s Things of Wonder, Professor Maelstromme, Broadarrow Jack Leathers, Wyte Phantom and MANY more.

Dr Geof & the Tea Museum

Drink tea? Love tea? Have a slightly unnatural obsession with the sepia coloured brew of the gods? Then come along to sample Doctor Geof’s Fantastical Steampunk Tea Museum.

Steampunk Crafts

Create something special to take home (free to ticket holders). Sessions include jewellery making, clay crafts and Steampunk Christmas wreaths.

Tea Duelling

Tea Duelling is the ultimate Steampunk extreme sport that includes two cups of tea, two competition standard Malted Milk biscuits and a Tiffin Mistress or Master.