Steampunks in Space

20 - 21 November 2021

A celebration of steam-powered science fiction.

A weekend dedicated to the “history that never was”. Time to get out your ray guns, strap on your goggles and jump in your spaceship. Head to the National Space Centre for an alternative weekend where we mark the 155th birthday of the grandfather of science fiction, HG Wells.

Buy a standard day pass to the National Space Centre to gain entry to event and the Centre.
Don’t forget, all tickets purchased in advance can be upgraded to a FREE ANNUAL PASS, so you can buy for Saturday and get Sunday FREE!

— This Year’s Highlights —


From Steampunk artists.

Live Performances

With special guests


Meet some of the UK’s best Steampunk makers.

Dr Geof & the Tea Museum

Drink tea? Love tea? Have a slightly unnatural obsession with the sepia coloured brew of the gods? Then come along to sample Doctor Geof’s Fantastical Steampunk Tea Museum.

Steampunk Crafts

Create something special to take home (free to ticket holders).

Market Hall

Head to The POD to discover the very best Steampunk makers, traders, and purveyors of fine goods. Enjoy the hustle and bustle, with added bustle.