The FAB Worlds of Anderson

22 - 23 September 2018

We celebrate the fantastic legacy of Gerry And Sylvia Anderson in this very special weekend.

Image Credit: James Fielding

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5, 4, 3, 2, 1… Anderson is GO!

The Andersons introduced us to some of the most iconic space vehicles ever imagined.

Generations of children around the world have enjoyed and been captivated by shows like Fireball XL5, Captain Scarlet, Space 1999 and, of course, the iconic Thunderbirds.

This legacy continues today.


Shane Rimmer

Shane is a legend in the world of Gerry Anderson productions, providing one of the most recognizable voices in Supermarionation history for Thunderbirds’ Scott Tracy.

He is also the voice of Dick Spanner PI in the cartoon series of the same name. He has appeared in episodes of Space 1999 and UFO, written and appeared in The Protectors and The Persuaders and has written several episodes of Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons, Joe 90 and The Secret Service.

Matt Zimmerman

Matt Zimmerman is a Canadian actor and voice actor who, in a career spanning five decades, has appeared in numerous films, television series and theatre plays.

Besides voicing Alan Tracy in Thunderbirds, Zimmerman also voiced many of the other characters in the series and made a live-action appearance in one episode of UFO and one episode of Space: 1999. Zimmerman returned to the world of Thunderbirds when he voiced the character Professor Harold in the Thunderbirds Are Go! episode Tunnels of Time.

Jamie Anderson

Jamie will be hosting an exclusive look behind the scenes of FireStorm – Jamie has been working on the pilot for a new series and he’ll be revealing the secrets behind this new production with video clips showing the puppets in action, together with some behind the scenes footage.

He will also be hosting a Q&A on this new project, as well as his work with Big Finish Productions.


All guests are subject to change and cancellation due to work commitments.
All autographs are charged for – Please check rates at each guests signing table.


50 Years of Joe 90

Joe 90 followed the adventures of a nine-year-old boy, Joe McClaine, who starts a double life as a schoolchild-turned-superspy.

First launched on 29 September 1968, this Anderson production is celebrating 50 years this year. We will be displaying props models and puppets from the original series including the original Joe and Mac puppets.

The Anderson Collection

The FAB Worlds of Anderson has curated a collection of models, props, costumes, and or course, puppets from a universe of amazing television shows.

This display has been made possible through the generosity of a number of private collectors, and whilst photography is permitted, we ask that you do not touch any items on display.

Prosthetics Display

One of Gerry Anderson’s most ambitions live action productions combined puppets and special effects with state of the art prosthetic costumes. Space Precinct was a thrilling high-octane police series set in the distant future.

See the actual moulds that were used in the production of the show, alongside reproductions of the aliens cast from those original moulds.

Thunderbirds Craft

A stunning display of the iconic Thunderbirds vehicles, presented in actual Studio Scale models used in the recent Thunderbirds 1965 production.

Cinema Anderson

We’ll be screening some rare episodes and pilots from the Anderson Archive, courtesy of Anderson Entertainment. The Lost Worlds of Gerry Anderson will also be available to purchase through The Gerry Anderson Shop at the event.

Meet the Artists:

Graham Bleathman

One of the country’s foremost illustrators of Gerry & Sylvia Anderson’s television series including Stingray, Captain Scarlet, Joe 90 and, of course, Thunderbirds.

He is particularly well known for his ‘cross section’ illustrations of the spacecraft, vehicles and buildings from those shows and his illustrations have appeared in a number of books, magazines and comics since the early 1990s.

Lee Sullivan

If you’re a fan of British comics, you’ll instantly know of the work of top Marvel comic book artist Lee Sullivan. In addition to his work on Transformers, ThunderCats, RoboCop and 2000 AD, Lee is also one of the longest serving artists on the Doctor Who comic strip.

His Anderson work has included artworking the Thunderbirds comic strip (2000-2005) illustrations for the Captain Scarlet and Joe 90 Blu Ray release, box art and promotional graphics for the Big Chief range of Anderson figures, and regularly collaborates with classic Anderson Artist Mike Noble. To a wider audience, he is best known as the illustrator for the best selling Rivers Of London range of books and graphic novels.

Chris Thompson

A new name to the Anderson story, Chris has been working with Anderson Entertainment on a number of legacy projects.

He produces concept art for new productions alongside his own hugely popular Anderson artworks. Chris also produces artwork for the Big Finish range of Doctor Who audio dramas.


The Official Gerry Anderson Store offers a range of Anderson collectables – books, magazines, tee-shirts, posters, audio dramas, model kits, DVD’s & Blurays, badges, alongside hard to find and rare merchandise including limited edition and imported items from Japan.

Hyperspace hypermarket

Joining The Gerry Official Anderson Store, we have:

Big Chief Studios, with an amazing range of Anderson collectables including their range of stunning Thunderbirds and Captain Scarlet character Replica Figures.

Sante Claus will be attending, with a huge range selling a range of collectables and vintage / rare Anderson Memorabillia, including many Japanese toys and models.

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