See below for a list of our frequently asked questions

Do you have onsite parking?

Yes, we have over 400 spaces available onsite, full details can be found on our how to find us page. Please note, all vehicles are left at the owners risk and the National Space Centre cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by other car park users.

We do not offer overnight stays in our car park.

Do we have to book in advance or can we buy tickets on the day of our visit?

Currently booking in advance is ESSENTIAL.  You can book up until midnight the day before your visit (for paid for tickets) subject to availability.

If you upgraded to the FREE Annual Pass, or have gift vouchers pre-booking is currently essential on our ANNUAL PASS BOOKING PAGE (please read the details on that page before booking, as terms and conditions apply).

How many times can I use my annual pass?

Your Annual Pass can be used on any visit to the National Space Centre with the exception of 5 Premium Event days and any out of hours events, such as Space Lates or Film Clubs.

Pre-booking of visits using the Annual Pass is currently ESSENTIAL and must be made a minimum of three days in advance on the ANNUAL PASS BOOKING PAGE. 

Is my annual pass valid for a year from purchase or until the end of the year in which it was purchased i.e. 31st December?

Your Annual Pass is valid for a full 12 months from the date of purchase.

Are there any restrictions on my Annual Pass?

Upon purchase you will be given the Terms and Conditions of the FREE Annual Pass upgrade, that will include any and all restrictions.You can see the full details HERE.

How do I use my Annual Pass on subsequent visits to the Centre?

Currently pre-booking using your Annual Pass is ESSENTIAL and must be made a minimum of three days in advance. Please use our calendar page to check we are open prior to booking using our ANNUAL PASS BOOKING PAGE. 

What are the concessions for disabled visitors i.e. do carers have free entry?

Disabled visitors are able to purchase concession tickets and we offer a free ticket to a carer where one is needed to access the Centre. Please email info@spacecentre.co.uk with your booking reference number to add the free carer ticket. Please bring proof of PIP or DLA with you to claim the FREE ticket.

Are gift vouchers available, if so can they also be used in the café and/or shop?

Our Bookings Team are able to sell Annual Pass, Shop and Cafe gift vouchers for you to send as presents. These are physical vouchers that we mail out to you as a gift to share. Please email info@spacecentre.co.uk to purchase any vouchers.

Can I use Tesco vouchers?

The National Space Centre does not participate in the Tesco Clubcard scheme.

Can I gain free entry with a Blue Peter badge?

The National Space Centre does not participate in the Blue Peter badge scheme.

Do you give tickets to charities for fundraising?

The National Space Centre will accept requests for charity donations.

However, as we receive over 3,000 requests for donations every year, and as a not-for-profit charity we can only accommodate a limited number of applications.

If you would like to contact us regarding charity requests, please do so in writing (no email requests) ensuring you include the following:

Your name
The name of the charity/organisation
The charity number (essential)
Date of fundraising event
An A5 stamped addressed envelope to the value of £1 (ADDRESS MUST BE THAT OF THE CHARITY)

Requests should be made at least two months prior to the event.

Please allow up to 3 weeks to for us to respond to your request.

Please note we are unable to support requests that are unsolicited or don’t clearly specify the details mentioned above or where a home address is given for a school or society with an official address.

Due to the charitable nature of our organisation we are also unable to support charitable requests where a commercial organisation is profiting from a sponsored event.

Do you offer a Home Education rate?

The National Space Centre offers Home Education families the same ticketing opportunities as our school visitors:
• A visit Monday-Friday during school term time (cannot be booked during school holiday theme weeks).
• £8.50 +VAT per child and £8.50 +VAT per adult (cannot be upgraded to the FREE Annual Pass).
• Must be booked in advance (minimum 3 working days) through our bookings team – bookings@spacecentre.co.uk (please include date you wish to visit, number of child and adult tickets and a phone number for our team to use to take payment in advance).

Alternatively you can consider one of our Home Education days, which include additional workshops, talks and shows, our Space Cadets ONLINE club, or purchasing a standard day ticket, which can be upgraded to a FREE Annual Pass.

Do you allow filming at the National Space Centre?

The National Space Centre is a charity organisation setup with the mission of communicating space and interests in science. As such, any filming carried out at the centre must be relevant to our purpose and function as a centre, and be of benefit to the wider community.

It is not our policy to allow open filming to take place that is un-related and not aligned to the interests of the National Space Centre.

Therefore requests from community groups, students, amateur filmmakers or other special interest groups are likely to be declined if no wider benefit is perceived.

The suitability of any filming is left at the discretion of the National Space Centre to decide.

If you are an amateur filmmaker or special interest group, it is possible to privately hire the centre at a cost. These costs will cover the overheads of opening the National Space Centre out of hours and security and technical staff to be on duty.

As a not-for-profit charity the National Space Centre cannot support this activity without covering these costs. Should you wish to look at privately hiring the centre, you can contact our venue hire team on 0116 261 0261.

Can I take photographs in and of the National Space Centre?

The National Space Centre is a fantastic building, filled with a wonderful and very visual collection and galleries.

Except where noted, photography for personal use is allowed (in fact it is encouraged – share it with us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram). Tripods and external lights may not be used. The use of flash may be restricted in some areas for conservation purposes.

Objects in the collections may be photographed by visitors for private study, educational and non commercial research purposes only. Any photographs or videos taken in the Centre, or of the exterior of the building, are for personal use only and may not be published. Commercial use of any kind is not permitted.

Do you have a policy on smoking?

The National Space Centre is a family attraction with an extensive collection of national and international significance. Conservation and preservation of these artefacts is of critical importance, therefore, smoking within the building is strictly prohibited. This includes the use of “vape” devices.

When will the Centre be busy with visiting school groups?

As a Space themed Science and Education Centre, visiting school groups access our Education Programmes and the exhibition during most term time weekdays. If you are planning a visit between Monday and Friday during term time and you would like to avoid our busier days, we can help you to find out which days are likely to be quieter. You can contact us by email via: info@spacecentre.co.uk The administrator is available to assist during normal office hours (Monday to Friday, between 9am and 5pm).

Can I bring a dog with me?

The National Space Centre welcomes trained and insured Assistance Dogs (please provide you ADUK Passport, or similar, to access the Centre). However, due to the nature of our busy galleries, hands on exhibits and world class collection, we cannot provide access to other animals.

Do you offer Military, Emergency Services or NHS discounts?

The National Space Centre is a charity and as such does not offer discounting. What we offer all visitors is a FREE Annual Pass upgrade, so making a full year pass £16.50 for an adult and £13.50 for a child. This ensures we support all members of the community, whether they be students, employed, unemployed, single parent families or those with significant financial restrictions. This offer is in place to offer the best price to all.