Navigating Apollo to the Moon
Astronauts Pay a Visit to Surveyor 3. Credit: NASA

Navigating Apollo to the Moon

09/10/2019Written by Pat Norris

Memories from an Apollo navigation engineer

Svetlana Savitskaya – Unsung Hero of Space


In celebration of a woman who did much to shatter the glass ceiling…

Art Meets Science


The science behind the art in our upcoming 'Creativity and Curiosity' exhibition.

Operation Earth


The science behind 'Operation Earth' - launching at the Space Centre during February…

Happy 10th Birthday Columbus Module


Europe’s orbiting space lab on the ISS turns 10 today.

Falcon Heavy – Primed for Launch


SpaceX has launched its new Falcon Heavy, the biggest rocket since Saturn V.

A Super Blue Blood Moon


In January 2018 the Moon is going to put on quite a show:…

Why Aren’t We On Mars Yet?


The challenges and possibilities of humans on Mars.

There are sounds in space and now they’re in the movies


The science behind space sounds and the short films that bring them to…

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