A History of Earth Observation
Julius Neubranner's pigeon photography

A History of Earth Observation

16/10/2019Written by Hannah Baker

Before there were satellites, there were pigeons…

Wibbly Wobbly Timey Wimey: Is Time Travel Possible?


The Doctor can travel anywhere in space and time, but can we?

In Memory of Gene Cernan


We reflect on the life and legacy of the last man to walk…

Reusable Rockets – the Future of Spaceflight?


On 14 January 2017, SpaceX will attempt a 'return to flight' in their…

Thomas Pesquet’s Spacewalk


Thomas Pesquet will make his first space walk on Friday 13 January.

In Memory of Piers Sellers


Our curator pays tribute to the life of British born NASA astronaut Piers…

Quadrantid Meteor Shower


In 2017, the Quadrantid meteor shower peaks on the 3-4 January, with up…

What’s Happening in Space in 2017


At the start of 2017 we look forward to see what exciting space…

Space Highlights From 2016


What happened in space in 2016? Quite a lot actually!

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