What’s Happening in Space in 2021?
Mars 2020 rover, artist impression. Credit: NASA

What’s Happening in Space in 2021?

31/12/2020Written by Alex Thompson

2020 brought considerable success in space from all corners of the globe. What will happen in 2021?

Photographing the ISS


With some amazing passes of the International Space Station coming up this month,…

Venus’ Floating Future


Jump into our Venus experience and get a glimpse of a possible future…

At the Mercy of Florida’s Weather


Why does the weather play such an important role in rocket launches?

Looking After our Pillows


Last week we had a deflating situation at the Centre.

Major Movie to Film on the ISS


Is Tom Cruise about to make filming in space Mission Possible?

Newly Discovered Comet in the Night Sky


May is fast becoming the month to look to the night skies and…

A Super Flower Moon


On 07 May the UK will see the Super Flower Moon.

China’s Long March-5B Launch


On 05 May 2020 we watched the successful launch of China’s Long March-5B…

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